Breast Cancer

Posted: May 27, 2011 in medicine
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Today, I attended a lecture about breast cancer. Although the lecturer was a little bit vulgar but overall the lecture was fun, interesting and I could get the point of it.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers nowadays, and from the name, we can know that this cancer more often in women but it’s not impossible for a man to suffer this disease. The most common sign of this cancer is lump in area around the breast and nipple. The lump can be felt if we touch the breast, the border of the lump may be firm or diffuse. If the border is firm it indicates that this is in early stage and if the border is diffuse it indicates the late stage. Another sign that can be happened in breast cancer are:

–          skin retraction around the breast à called “peau de orange” because it is like orange peel. This sign only happened in late stage

–          discharge à from nipple (usually blood), it happened in late stage

–          complaint common malignancy à lose appetite, lose weight, malaise

Almost all of men adore the beauty of woman breast.  Breast is part of the body that consists of a pair of mounds like mountains that are very important and it is an appeal of a woman. Of course, there’s no women want to lose their beauty breast because of cancer.

You guys can prevent this disease if you do early detection regularly. How? just touch and feel your breasts and if you do feel there’s a lump, you must go to doctor soon for the fastest treatment.

For the women don’t let your breast touched by scalpel firstly.


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