Mourn Day

Posted: October 23, 2011 in my life

What a tragic day!!!mourning

There’re two tragic event today. Those two tragic events make my mood down, I feel loss and sad. Really a shocking day.

First, accident that happened on marco simoncelli. On the second lap at the malaysian GP, he slipped off from his ride and hitted by colin edwards and also valentino rossi. That accident made him passed away. The accident happened very fast, I think he wanted to overtaken alvaro bautista but he failed to controlled his ride and then slipped off on the racing track. Colin edwards and Vale who positioned behind him, couldn’t react to avoid him because there were speeding. That was resulting, a horrible accident. That accident also made colin edwards got shoulder injury. No one can blame in this accident, neither colin edward nor rossi. That was really an accident, a horrible accident. But I still wonder why marco’s helmet knocked off???

Marco I think your gone is too early. You are such a talented rider, you have a good prospect in the future. I admire you as one of my favourite rider, a unique and stylist rider. Moto GP must loss you, your family must too, everybody will be missing you bro even dani pedrosa. Anyway goodbye brotha, race in peace.


The second accident that happened today is MU defeated by his “noisy neighbor” man city. I am as mancunian very disappointed with that result. We have been defeated in our home, 6-1. What an embarrassing moment. That was the biggest home defeated in a quarter of century. I think no one predict this result, even the city’s fans. Everybody surprised with this result and most of them are sad I think.

If there’s a man could be blamed, he is johnny evans. I feel not good when I saw his name in the starting line up. Evans is not a good defender, he’s not fast, not though and his positioning is bad. I really wonder why sir alex place him as starter in the big game like this. Whereas MU still has another good defender like vidic that already recovered from injury and phil jones, a young talented defender. First goal of man city happened because evans couldn’t close the space shoot of mario balotelli. Consequently, balotelli could score easily. On the beginning of second half evans once more did a fatal mistake, he brought down balotelli only 2 metres from penalty area. He got red card, and fortunately man city couldn’t use this chance to score. But, the game was over for man united. After that, city bombarded MU’s defense and scored 5 more goals whereas MU only could score a goal. what a tragic loss for man united. I hope there’s no evans’s name in the starting line-up for the next MU match. As a fan, I suggest MU to sell that clown to other club.

But, never surrender lads. This season is still long way out. I hope you will keep fighting. “a good man is one who can rise from adversity”. I’m as a mancunian still believe MU will get the 20th premier league title this year. Glory glory Man United


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